Important Facts About CBD You Should Be Aware Of

CBD Oil To Improve Memory
CBD Oil To Improve Memory
Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

As the use of CBD is now increasing rapidly, it is important for you to know more about this compound for deciding whether it is suitable for you. This compound provides a large number of health benefits for humans, hence, it has updated its status from an illegal compound to a medicine and health supplement. Therefore, more and more people are now trying to learn about this product. Hence, we include some of the important facts you want to know about CBD for knowing if this compound can be helpful for you.

CBD Can Be Derived From Both Hemp And Cannabis

Hemp and cannabis are different strains of the same plant species. However, they have different properties. You might be already familiar with cannabis, as it is known across the world for its intoxicating effects. Hemp is a variant of cannabis that is specifically created for industrial purposes. CBD is a compound present in both of these plants. Hence, it can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis.

But there are some differences between the hemp CBD and the cannabis CBD. Cannabis has a higher concentration of another compound called THC, which creates intoxicating effects. Therefore, cannabis CBD oil can create such effects too. On the other hand, hemp has only 0.3% of THC, which is not enough for creating psychoactive effects. Hence, hemp CBD oil will not create intoxicating effects in people.

CBD On Its Own Cannot Produce High

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, therefore, when it stands alone it cannot create any intoxicating effects. CBD is the same whether it is derived from the cannabis or hemp plants. But the presence of other compounds like THC can alter its properties.

Hemp CBD Will Not Fail You In A Drug Test

The presence of THC in your body can give a positive drug test result. But, as hemp CBD only have a very lower concentration of THC in it, you will not fail in a drug test even if you consume it.

Vaping Is The Most Efficient Method To Consume CBD

Most of the CBD you consume will go to waste and only a small portion is absorbed into your bloodstream. It is found that only 4-16% of CBD will reach your bloodstream if you consume it orally. However, when you take CBD using the vaping method, almost 34-56% of CBD will reach your bloodstream Therefore, it will help you to reduce the wastage of CBD. This is a significant factor, especially when considering the huge amount you have to pay for CBD products.