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During the year 2018, the federal government of the United States of America passed the Farm Bill and made the cultivation of hemp plant and production of CBD products legal within the national territory. Before the enactment of this federal law, there were independent rules and regulations regarding the production, sale, purchase, and usage of Cannabidiol and medical marijuana products in all the 50 states of America.

However, after the Farm Bill, many states made amendments in their previous law to provide relief to people in need of CBD products, but there are still a few states following strict rules regarding CBD. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the local rules of each state before taking it to their territory. Alabama is a southeastern US state and the following is an overview of the local CBD laws in this territory.

Previous CBD Law

During 2014, this part of the USA has made CBD legal and made available for the common people who are suffering from epilepsy. But to get their hands on the medicine, the state had made some instructions. As per the state rule, if a person is in need of CBD infused medicine, they must obtain a prescription from the University of Alabama and must be registered in the CBD study program. For this purpose, it was mandatory to produce all the test results proving the specified condition in that person.

Present Law

After the farm bill, the local laws of Alabama regarding CBD has been amended. As per the new rules, people were allowed to use CBD not only if they are suffering from epilepsy but also a few other diseases including Arthritis, Psychosis, Multiple sclerosis, etc. if it is prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. This law has also stated that it is legal to get CBD only from the state licensed dealers or directly from the doctors.

What Type Of CBD Is Legal

According to the CBD laws of Alabama, only organically grown hemp derived CBD products are legal. The rules have also stated that those products must be tested in a state licensed lab and the test report must be exhibited to the demanding users. It has also prescribed the manufacturers to use non heat extraction technique to derive Cannabidiol. Those products which are having 0.3 percent THC are also legal in Alabama.

There are so many changes in the CBD laws of different states of the USA. Therefore it is necessary to understand the local laws before using CBD while traveling from one place to another in America.