5 Products for CBD Beginners

CBD For Diabetes 
CBD For Diabetes 

A beginner’s take on CBD will not be the same as that of an experienced CBD user. Beginners will have so many questions popping up into their heads about the right dosage, administering method and many more. The first experience they have with CBD is critical in their decision about adding it to their daily routine.

In this article, we introduce 5 products for CBD beginners.

CBD Capsules 

For a beginner, dosing would be one of the toughest tasks in CBD intake. If the administering method is altogether new to them, the confusion only increases. CBD capsules are no different in form and intake method from a normal pill. It is the presence of cannabidiol that distinguishes CBD capsules from normal pills.

Each capsule has a fixed amount of CBD allowing you to decide the number of pills to take according to the daily dosage recommended for you. The capsules contain CBD oil inside, that is released as the capsule cover is digested in the stomach. Cannabidiol takes effect faster on taking CBD capsule than on taking CBD edibles.


CBD oil might be one cannabidiol product that you must have heard of a hundred times if you are someone who follows the happenings in the CBD industry regularly. Its appreciable potency and versatility attribute to its popularity. When it comes to intake methods of CBD oil, you have more than one option to choose from.

The most popular among the CBD oil intake methods is the sublingual intake, where you take CBD oil in a dropper and place it under your tongue. After holding it for a minute, you can swallow the CBD oil. This one-minute period is enough for the cannabinoids in the CBD oil to reach your bloodstream and produce the desired effects.

Another way of using CBD oil is to add it to edibles and get your daily dose of CBD by savoring the flavors of your favorite treat. You can also add CBD oil to beverages including tea, coffee, water and cocktails.

For a cannabidiol product, the lesser the number of additional ingredients, the better it is. The potency of a CBD product is significantly influenced by the number of ingredients it has other than CBD. When it comes to CBD oil manufacture, brands usually prefer keeping the ingredient profile minimal by even avoiding the addition of extra flavors. Lack of flavoring leaves the raw taste of hemp in the CBD oil unmasked but it also means that the oil potency is not compromised.

CBD Tincture

In terms of administering methods, CBD tincture is similar to CBD oil. However, CBD tinctures have an alcohol base, unlike CBD oils that have oil base. Tinctures commonly come with added flavors intended to mask the raw and earthy taste of hemp.

The flavor options in tinctures are many allowing you to choose one that is pleasing to your palate. Like CBD oils, CBD tinctures can also be taken sublingually, thereby saving its cannabinoids from the first pass effect of the liver. When the CBD is processed by the digestive system, there will be a significant drop in the levels of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream, as it has to bypass the liver.

CBD tinctures can be added to edibles and beverages. While cooking with CBD, make sure you keep a close watch of the temperature, as high temperatures can affect the quality of the compounds in the CBD product.

CBD Topicals

Topicals infused with CBD, CBD topicals are effective in treating pain, inflammation and many skin conditions. Like any topical, you just have to apply the CBD topical on the affected area, massage gently and wait for the CBD to take effect.

CBD creams, lotions and salves are some popular CBD topicals. Different from other pain relief cannabidiol products, CBD topicals come of use in targeted pain relief. If you are using a CBD cream, lotion or any other cannabidiol topical for pain relief, the first thing to do is find the exact source of pain. It may sound simple but it isn’t that way always.  The pain that is felt in one area may not necessarily originate in that area. After figuring out the exact source of pain, apply the topical onto that area gently.

CBD topicals have several applications in skincare as well. The anti-oxidant and hydrating properties have encouraged many CBD manufacturers to launch CBD skincare products and cosmetics.

CBD Edibles

If you want to try CBD and at the same time do not want to tolerate the bitter taste of hemp that stands out in unflavored oral cannabidiol products, you can always go for CBD edibles.CBD gummies, brownies, chocolate, the options are many.

Edibles offer the advantage of discreetness and ease of use. You can also make CBD edibles on your own at home with commonly available ingredients.

There is nothing like ‘one size fits all’ kind of dosage when it comes to CBD. The dosage that one finds ideal may not work for some other person. Beginners have to start with small doses and gradually increase it to figure out the dosage that is ideal for them.