CBD Edibles V/S CBD Pills

CBD For Children
CBD For Children
CBD Edibles And Capsules
CBD Edibles And Capsules

One of the best ways to experience the full benefits of CBD is to take them orally in the form of oils or tinctures, edibles, capsules or pills. Among these edibles and pills are more preferred because they do not have the unsavoury taste of oils or tinctures. People who consider trying CBD has the very first question, which is “What is the difference between CBD edibles and capsules?”. This primer will shed some light on the difference between the two.

The Difference

CBD Edibles: Edibles include all the products that can be consumed like food or snacks and they contain calories. Edibles are either available ready-made like CBD chocolate or they can be made at home, like cookies, brownies etc.

CBD Capsules Or Pills: These are non food items similar to dietary supplement pills or capsules containing CBD enclosed in food gel capsules. Moreover, they contain CBD mixed with coconut or hemp seed oil, but there are pure CBD oil capsules as well.


CBD Edibles: As mentioned earlier these are food items made using CBD and they are available in different forms. Hence, they are quickly absorbed by the body and can take up to 60 minutes to start experiencing the effects. Besides, the effects last for about 4 to 6 hours and the rate of absorption varies from person to person because of the difference in physiology. However, you must know that CBD inhibits P450 liver enzyme that breaks down toxins from drugs and hence it might interact with medicines that you are taking.

CBD Capsules Or Pills: They are absorbed slightly faster because their gel cap dissolves faster, but still takes about 60 minutes to feel the effects that can last 4 to 6 hours. Moreover, you must remember that they can deliver slightly higher amounts of CBD than edibles because of the lack of other ingredients. However, they might interact with other vitamin supplements.


CBD Edibles: When buying ready-made edibles like gummies, the label will mention the dosage per serving in milligram (mg) and they can be used as a sleeping aid, pain relieving medicine etc.

CBD Capsules Or Pills: Just like any other supplement capsules or pills they are meant to deliver precise dosage per serving and you cannot modify the dosage per serving. Because of this, they can be easily added into the wellness regime like vitamins or other kinds of supplements.

These are some of the major differences between CBD edibles and pills. Moreover, they can be easily packed and consumed discreetly when you are traveling.