The Dos And Don’ts When Using CBD Products

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Organic CBD

CBD is a relatively new product in the health supplements market and there is huge growth spurt for its products since the Farm Act of 2018. This legalised the cultivation of the hemp plant for medical purposes and resulted in a plethora of cannabidiol CBD infused products. Besides, a lot of warranted and unwarranted information about it is available online and this can be particularly misleading for first time buyers. Some products can be very expensive whereas others are cheap; this can also create confusion. You should know that price is not everything and some of the best products are reasonably priced. There are some dos and don’ts when you are using CBD products; read ahead to know more.

The Do’s

Know The Source: The effectiveness of any CBD product depends on the quality of cannabidiol extract used in it, and this is determined by the source i.e. the geographic location where the hemp plant was cultivated. This is because the plant easily absorbs the contaminants present in the soil as well as the water used, reducing the quality of CBD extract and thereby reducing its effectiveness. It is better to purchase organic CBD products that are grown in the US, as the federal law only permits organically grown hemp plants.

Know About The Additives In CBD Product: Since many of the CBD products use cannabidiol extracts that are processed, there are chances of them containing additives for preservation or as part of the manufacturing process. Besides, in products such as CBD candies, there will be artificial colours and flavouring agents. However, it is found that some substandard manufactures use harmful additives to give better experience or to reduce the cost of production. So, you must be careful when purchasing CBD products that contain additional additives. The ideal option is to purchase items with the least amount of additives or organic CBD products.

Ensure That You Are Complaint: With the Farm Act of 2018 hemp cultivation is made legal nationwide, but it is still illegal in some states. You should know that all the legally available cannabidiol CBD products can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC and anything that contains above this legal limit is illegal. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing a legally compliant CBD product is to look for third party lab certification on the label. Manufacturers and store owners are required to make this available to customers or prospective buyers. So, you can avoid a manufacturer or store that refuses to show this certificate.

Know State Drug Laws Of Your Place

As mentioned previously, even though CBD is legal federally it is still illegal or partially legal in certain states and punishable similar to possessing marijuana. So, know your state drugs laws to avoid any risk of getting arrested.

The Don’ts

Drug Test: Even though manufacturers claim that CBD is not psychotropic like THC and does not fail you a drug test, it is totally untrue. Cannabidiol infused products usually use full-spectrum hem extracts and it contains a minimum of 0.3% THC. So, if you use these products without any regulation, the THC can accumulate and become high enough to fail you a drug screening test. So, it depends on the discretion on how consumers use  the CBD product.

Side Effect: Another false claim that is being propagated about CBD products is that it has no side effects. It has very minimal side effects like dry mouth, nausea, light-headedness and they can be easily cured by simple remedies. However, you should know that cannabidiol reduces the liver’s capacity to metabolise pharmaceutical drugs and in rare cases causes toxic build-up.

It Doesn’t Cure: Manufacturers claim that CBD helps to control or manage the conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, reduce inflammation etc and it is being marketed as a panacea for almost all ailments. But, you must know that it can only help to manage these symptoms and cannot cure them.

Don’t Avoid Consulting The Doctor: You should not avoid consulting with the physician before consuming any type of CBD product even though they are sold as health supplements. This is because for some people it can cause allergic reactions especially those with any type of plant, flower or pollen allergies. The other reason is that not everyone requires it and unnecessarily using it can bring harm rather than the claimed benefits.

Don’t Ignore Dosage Chart:  Under no circumstances should you ignore the detailed dosage chart provided by the manufacturer. For beginners, this lets them assess the minimum dosage based on weight and other physiological factors. This guarantees that you avoid any chance of overdosing that causes side effects and also provides instruction or steps to mitigate symptoms due to side effects.

Don’t Give To Pets: You must not give the CBD product to pets even if they are of low dosage. There are pet CBD products that are made to suit their physiology.

So, when buying cannabidiol CBD products ensure that you buy from reputable and trustworthy manufacturers. Also you should check customer reviews to know about their experience after using it.